Welcome to the Yukon Clinic website where you can learn more about the office, nurses, and doctors. We are a two pediatrician,one pediatric nurse practitioner office at the edge of Germantown and East Memphis. The Yukon Clinic is unique because it is a small town practice in a large town setting. The practice has only 7 employees and we all wear many hats. The practice runs efficiently with very little waiting time for patients. Please feel free to contact us during business hours at 901-755-8300 with questions.

If you have routine questions that are not answered on this website, please call our office during office hours at 901-755-8300.

No question is unimportant!! There are many common questions that parents ask, and this website was designed to assist you in answering some of those questions.

The voice mail at our office at 901-755-8300 is for after-hours EMERGENCIES. You should NOT page us after hours for 1.diaper rash, 2. prescription refills, 3.constipation, or 4. issues that have been going on for several weeks (not acute). Please remember that access to us after hours is a privilege. Please do not abuse the emergency line. If after hours is used, the patient must make an appointment to be seen the next business day.

Please call the office and make an appointment for ALL office visits; we discourage walk-ins. Check-ups should be made several weeks in advance. Sick visits are always accepted but please call for a scheduled appointment.

We are happy to provide copies of immunization records and sign camp/sports forms at a scheduled office visit.  There is a $5 form fee to provide this service outside of appointment time.