The 2009 seasonal influenza vaccine will be available in our office starting October 1, 2009. In the month of October we will be vaccinating only high risk children which includes asthmatics, diabetics, children with heart problems, or other chronic conditions and infants 6 to 24 months. Starting in November we will vaccinate all children for seasonal influenza by appointment. Please call the office now to schedule a flu vaccine.

10/12/09: We will be a provider for the H1N1 vaccine. We will not carry the Flu Mist (nasal spray). We still do not know the arrival date. Please check back on the website for more information. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available to us.

10/13/2009: We are out of seasonal flu vaccines. Our vendor Sanofi-Aventis assures us that the remainder of our seasonal flu order will be delivered to us in November. Please check back as we will update again with a delivery date.

10/23/2009: No new information on when we will receive our seasonal flu vaccine.

We will be receiving 100 doses of H1N1 on Tuesday, October 27, 2009. We will distribute them on a first-come first-serve basis by appointment only. Please call and schedule this promptly. Remember that there must be 28 days between all vaccines given. If you have had a check-up within the past month with vaccines or you are scheduled for a check-up in the next 30 days, please do still call and reserve the vaccine for that next well care visit if it is scheduled within the next 14 days.


**If your child has been diagnosed with influenza by nasal swab in our office since May 2009, then he/she does NOT need the H1N1 vaccine.

10/27/09: No new info on seasonal flu vaccine availability.

10/28/09: The Tn Health Dept. has just shipped us another 100 doses of H1N1 vaccine. Please read above. Same rules apply.

11/3/09 We are out of H1n1 vaccine and still have not received any new information regarding future seasonal flu vaccine shipments from sanofi-aventis, our manufacturer of seasonal flu vaccine. We expect future shipments of H1N1 in the next several weeks.

11/9/09 No new information regarding any shipments of either H1N1 from the health dept nor any seasonal flu vaccine from our supplier sanofi aventis

11/17/09 Still no new information regarding any shipments of either H1N1 from the health dept nor any additional seasonal flu vaccine from sanofi aventis

11/23/09 No new information.

11/30/09 Local media reports that anyone of any age may receive the H1N1 vaccine at the local health dept starting tomorrow Dec 1. We are unsure if we will receive any more H1N1 vaccine at our practice. Therefore we suggest that our patients who desire to receive said vaccine should seek alternate sites for the vaccine.

    Our seasonal flu manufacturer Sanofi Aventis has informed us that the remainder of our seasonal flu shipment will arrive some time this week.  Hooray! We will update the website when it arrives.  Please do not call us and ask us if it is in yet. 

12/4/09: Our seasonal flu and H1N1 have both arrived. Please call to reserve your dose if your child needs either or both.

12/11/09 We are now out of H1N1 vaccine. The Local Health Dept has adequate supply if you are still seeking vaccine.  We still have ample seasonal flu at this time, but anticipate exhausting that supply by the end of month. Reserve your child's dose if you desire this vaccine.

1/18/10: We still have about 60 doses of seasonal flu vaccine available at this time. If your child has not been vaccinated yet, it is not too late! Please call for an appointment if you wish to reserve a vaccine.