Safety and Accident Prevention

  1. Never use baby walkers.
  2. Cabinet locks on all drawers and cabinets. Lock up and place all medicines, chemicals, and household cleaners in a cabinet out of reach.
  3. Electrical outlet plugs in all sockets.
  4. Baby gates at the tops and bottoms of stairwells.
  5. Bathtub safety: NEVER leave any child in the tub alone for one second. Not for a phone call, doorbell or to retrieve a towel. If you must leave the bathroom, take the child with you.
  6. Turn your hot water tank down to 120 degrees F to avoid burns.
  7. Use the back burners on your stove to avoid burns from pulling hot water over.

Sun block SPF 30 or higher for ALL aged children, even under six months. Bug spray with DEET less than 10% (Family Off). Do not spray the bug spray directly on the hands or face of infants and young children.