The Yukon Clinic was opened in 1972 by Dr. Gordon Yukon. It remained a solo practice until 1995 when Dr. Charles Yukon joined his father after completion of his residency in Tampa, Florida. After Dr. Gordon Yukon retired in 2005, Dr. Charles ran a solo practice for 2 years. Dr. Catherine Chidester joined the practice full-time in 2007 after completion of her residency at Lebonheur. In 2018 we welcomed Rachel Kirmeyer, pediatric nurse practitioner. She joins us after several years of hospitalist work at LeBonheur Children's Hospital and subsequent outpatient care at St. Jude's Hospital.

The Yukon Clinic in Germantown is a unique pediatric office. The vision of the practice has always been a small-town practice in a large city. The practice only has 2 doctors,1 nurse practitioner, and 4 other employees and they all wear different hats. A nurse or doctor answers the phone calls and makes appointments. The practice runs very efficiently with very little waiting time for patients. However, our patients never feel rushed at their appointments with the doctor. The patients and staff enjoy the small practice atmosphere and the continuity of care that such a practice allows.

One way we have kept the office running so efficiently is that Dr. Charles and Dr. Catherine only accept newborns as new patients. However, we do take on siblings when newborns come into the practice. The reason for this discretion is that practice slots are limited based on availability. Rachel Kirmeyer, our pediatric nurse practitioner, welcomes transfer patients. If you are interested in transferring your child into the practice, please call the office to check current availability. We see all newborns for the first time in the hospital (Methodist Germantown). The pediatric hospitalist at Baptist Women's covers our inpatients there.